Sunday, June 8, 2014

Transition Into A Teenager Ceremony

Many people have big parties for their youth on their 16th Birthday, which I think is awesome and needed for our children to know they are appreciated and feel more empowered. My husband and I decided to do something special for their 13th birthday too. One of our daughters was born June 8, 2001 at 4:01 pm, so this year she turned 13.  Brooke has had 4 celebrations because she likes to celebrate like her mother (smiles). I will like to discuss one of the celebrations in this post, because maybe you can do something similar with your son or daughter to help them continue to dream and believe. My husband and I are Christians so this particular celebration focused on using verses from the Bible to help our daughter understand who she is, what to expect, and how to push through during tough times in her life as she matures. Plus advice from people who are doing what my daughter desires to do when she becomes an adult.

The theme of this celebration was centering on of her becoming a Medical Doctor. Ever since she could talk she wanted to be a doctor in order to fulfill her passions of helping those in need physically. For her 11th Birthday she encouraged our family to visit Bodies, because looking at dead bodies in a museum fascinated her. Plus she was in the process of learning the parts of the heart, brain, lungs, etc.  Anyway, this particular celebration being discussed consisted of people we know love our daughter, believe in our daughter, and was willing to invest and pray for our daughter. Plus people in the medical field that knew and experienced becoming a doctor. So we purposely only invited a few people to this birthday connection and only told a few people about this birthday celebrations. However, we had different birthday celebrations so all who wanted to celebrate with her could.

Things we needed for this birthday celebration
-13 Medical Doctors (you may have lawyers, music artists, teachers, or physical therapists)
-13 People who believed, loved, and prayed for our child
-White doctor coat; plus put her name with the M.D. at the end
-Location that flows with your theme (hospital)
-Yellow roses for center table (her favorite color and flower- you may use something different if you have a son)
-Birthday cake
-Cake plates, napkins, silverware
-13 Cards for advices from professionals (you can be very creative and create your own cards)
-Select 13 quotes you will like your child to think and believe
-13 frames
-Photographer/video person

Step 1
Decide on day, time, and location.

Step 2
We created a card with pictures of her from birth to her current state for the 13 doctors to write their advice on.

Step 3
We spoke with 13 Medical Doctors and asked them to write things they felt our daughter needed to know in order to become a great doctor. This process took about 2 weeks. It took eight doctors 10 minutes to write their note, because they wanted to make sure their advice would help our child thrive. One doctor said, “This is an honor.” It was easy for us to connect with doctors because we know and work with doctors all the time.  However, if your son want to become a fireman, this may be difficult if you don’t personally know one. I recommend going to your local fire station and ask. Most people would love it and feel honored. You will give these cards with the advice at the birthday celebration as a gift (view video to understand when).

Step 4
Invite the 13 people you trust to invest, believe, and pray for your child. Make sure you invite at least 20 people, because most likely all will not be able to attend. Your goal is 13. (View video to understand how these people will participate in the celebration).

Step 5
Identify 13 quotes you will like your child to remember and know.  Print 13 statements out for birthday celebration (Your 13 invites will tell your child these statements – view video of how this is done).

Step 6
Order your cake or food you will like to serve and buy other products you need to serve food/cake – have a blast!

Review this video to see how it was done - HERE or view below– If there are 2 parents =1 parent can be at the beginning or one at the end or both parents can be at the end if they assign someone to start it. If there is only 1 parent – that person will need to be at the end of the line. Please enjoy and if you have any questions please email them to

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